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Ashley-Edison (UK)

A world leading manufacturer and provider of AC Voltage Stabilisers, Power Conditioners & associated voltage control solutions

The world beats a path to Ashley Edison

Voltage Stabilizers and Power Line Conditioners

At Ashley-Edison (UK) our Voltage Stabilizers continuously monitor the incoming mains supply and if the mains voltage rises or drops, they will automatically control the output voltage. This ensures the voltage reaching the load equipment always remains constant at the required requisite voltage. Inbuilt protection also ensures that the load is continuously protected against harmful mains born high energy surges, spikes and transients.
For less prevalent situations, where electrical noise is also an issue on site, most models are also available as Power Line Conditioners offering a enhanced level of Transient Voltage Surge & Spike Suppression (TVSS) protection and delivering the added benefit of filtering out any electrical noise and interference present on the incoming utility supply – ensuring what is commonly referred to as a ‘CLEAN’ supply.

Single Phase Voltage Stabilisers
& Power Line Conditioners
0.5 ~ 150 kVA

Three Phase Voltage Stabilisers
& Power Line Conditioners
6 ~ 5000 kVA

Other Voltage Control Solutions

Variable Transformers

Single & Three Phase

Manual & Motorised

3 to 150 Amps

Static Voltage
& Frequency Converters

Single & Three Phase

Variable & Fixed Output

2 to 400 kVA

Volt Drop Compensators

Single & Three Phase

Obtain HUGE Savings on Long Cable Runs

3 to 1500 kVA

Automatic Voltage Optimisers

Single & Three Phase

Save up to 30% on your Energy Bills

5 to over 1000 kVA

Ashley-Edison (UK) is a leading provider of Voltage Control solutions to many well-known major international corporations and public organisations.