Claude Lyons TS Voltage Stabilisers

The Ashley-Edison (UK) Alternatives

With the closure of Claude Lyons you may well now be looking for an alternative source for a comprehensive range of UK designed Quality Single & Three Phase Servo Electronic AC Voltage Stabilisers / Regulators.

May we introduce Ashley-Edsion (UK).

Founded in 1989, Ashley-Edison (UK) has evolved to become one of the world’s leading specialist providers of AC Voltage Stabilizers and associated power line conditioning solutions.

Our mSVR & SVR Ranges of AC Voltage Stabilisers are similar in design topology to the Claude Lyons TS Series. Now with extended range coverage, improved accuracy, the inclusion as standard of many advanced protection features – usually only available from others as additional expensive add-on options! – the Ashley-Edison mSVR and SVR Series are widely held to be the finest ranges in class of affordable Quality AC Voltage Stabilisers / Regulators.

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TS Alternatives Report

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