Home Voltage Optimisation

Fitting a Voltage Stabilizer should improve the overall energy efficiency of your home.

What is Voltage Stabilizer? Read on to see how voltage stabilization can improve the life of your electrical devices.

Through the precise regulation of the incoming supply voltage to ensure the voltage in your home is at the level intended by the designers of your household appliances, not only do you prolong life expectancy and reliability of your equipment, but you are also able to reduce your energy usage and, as a result, your energy costs.

Typically, a Voltage Stabilizer can deliver savings of up to 10% on your electricity bills and in some cases, where the level of the utility supply is extremely high, considerable more (up to 15 -20%). With energy costs soaring worldwide, these savings can be significant!

And, of course, it should always be remembered through using less energy, and thereby reducing the need for energy generation, a Voltage Stabilizer is able to assist in reducing your home’s carbon footprint.

Stabilizers  used for this type of applications are commonly referred to as Automatic Voltage Optimisers (AVOs).

At Ashley-Edison (UK) our VOLTSREAM range of AVOs is specifically configured for ensuring energy efficiency in your home.

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