Power Conditioners

Ashley-Edison Power Conditioners provide effective and reliable protection against voltage fluctuations and line disturbances, delivering an enhanced level of power protection commonly referred to as a ‘CLEAN’ supply.

Generally similar in design to our range of Voltage Stabilisers, Ashley-Edison Power Line Conditioners offer superior Transient Voltage Surge & Spike Suppression (TVSS) protection and deliver the added benefit of an isolated output, thereby ensuring that any electrical noise and interference present on the incoming utility supply is filtered out.

It should be noted for applications, where electrical noise is not considered an issue, a Voltage Stabiliser will usually be the more appropriate and cost-efficient solution for delivering dependable and stable voltage.

To learn more about the comprehensive ranges of Power Line Conditioners available from Ashley-Edison please check-out the series listings below:


0.5 to 60 kVA


6 to 500 kVA


Indoor - IP20 / NEMA 1

Indoor - IP20 / NEMA 1

Onddoor - IP20/ NEMA 1

Indoor - IP20 / NEMA 1


Indoor - IP20 / NEMA 1

Low Cost VR Series Power Conditioners 

PCS Single Phase Power Line Conditioners

OPCS Single Phase Outdoor Power Line Conditioners 

PCV - AC Power Conditioners / Power Line Conditioners   PCS Three Phase Power Line Conditioners
0.5 to 5 kVA 1 to 60 kVA 3 to 60 kVA 0.5 to 5 kVA   6 to 500 kVA
Single Phase  - 2 Wire Single Phase  - 2 Wire Split Single Phase - 3 Wire Single Phase  - 2 Wire   Three Phase  - 4 / 3 Wire 

Low Cost Protection for today's modern power needs.

Ideal for Home and Small Office applications.

PCS - Single Phase IP20 (IP21) / NEMA 1 style models utilising  SES /  Servo Electronic design with an inbuilt Isolation Transformer.

OPCS-2P - US Style Split Single Phase IP20 / NEMA 1 Style Models for electrical distribution systems commonly found in North American residential and light commercial buildings.


PCV - Single Phase Super Isolation / Ferro-Resonant design .



Exceptionally wide input voltage window as standard, making them ideal for more remote locations / countries where the utility supply is less developed.




PCS - Three Phase IP20 (IP21) / NEMA 1 style models utilising  SESServo Electronic design with an inbuilt Isolation Transformer.




Also available in IP54 NEMA 3 Style
Enclosures > Learn More

Also available in IP54 NEMA 3 Style
Enclosures > Learn More 



Also available in IP54 NEMA 3 Style
Enclosures > Learn More 


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