Ashley-Edison Endorsement Logos & Name

The Ashley-Edison Endorsement Logos are symbols of the Ashley-Edison (UK) brand.

By following these guidelines, Approved Resellers and Authorised Partners can use the Ashley-Edison endorsement logos always with the appropriate endorsement wording to add authority to their marketing communications and benefit from the power of the Ashley-Edison brand, which is one of our most valuable commercial assets.

Ashley-Edison Authorised PartnerPartners should use the ‘Authorised Partner for’ endorsement logo when communicating with End Customers and Resellers.

Ashley-Edison-Reseller-LogoResellers should use the ‘Approved Reseller for’ endorsement when communicating with End Customers.

Use of Endorsement Logos – Design Guidelines


The key objective of joint marketing is to make it clear to the customer who the communication is from and to explain why two or more logos co-exist on a page.

This is why the Ashley-Edison endorsement that you are authorised to use always appears with the endorsement wording, and why it must be used subordinately to your own brand.

The three key principles are:

  • Your own look and feel. Any marketing communications that use the Ashley-Edison endorsement should be in your own style.
  • Ashley-Edison is subordinate. The Ashley-Edison endorsement should be half the size of your logo and ideally positioned widely separated from your own logo, You should also avoid overly heavy use of the Ashley-Edison name in headlines and text.
  • Only Ashley-Edison (UK) products and services. The Ashley-Edison endorsement should be used only when you are promoting products and services in the Ashley-Edison (UK) portfolio.

When you may use the Ashley-Edison Endorsement Logo

You may use the Ashley-Edison endorsement logo only when you are promoting products and services that are part of the Ashley-Edison portfolio.

The Ashley-Edison Endorsement Logo may be used on:

  • Marketing material including direct mail, publications, literature, press releases, press advertisements, point of sale material, online communications and websites (excluding email signature and sign-off), exhibition panelling and stand signage
  • Training material
  • Promotional items
  • Shop window signage
  • Business Cards
  • Company headed paper (but only relating to Ashley-Edison (UK) products and services)
  • Events or exhibition materials

 When you should not use the Ashley-Edison Endoresemement Logo

The Ashley-Edison Endorsement Logo should not be used on:

  • Invoices or other printed materials associated with billing activities
  • Email signature and sign-off
  • Vehicles
  • Company headed paper for communications not related to Ashley-Edison (UK) products and services
  • Corporate clothing

You must also not use the Logo when:

  • Selling other vendors or ‘white label’ products
  • Selling products or solutions that do not include any Ashley-Edison product elements
  • Selling via a subsidiary, or related company, which is not wholly owned by the Reseller / Partner except upon explicit written consent from Ashley-Edison (UK)


Use of the Ashley-Edison Name – Guidelines

You should not claim to be:

  • An associate of Ashley-Edison (UK)
  • A colleague of Ashley-Edison (UK)
  • In collaboration with Ashley-Edison (UK)
  • An affiliate of Ashley-Edison (UK)
  • Working in an alliance, syndicate or joint venture with Ashley-Edison (UK)
  • Working on behalf of Ashley-Edison (UK)
  • Doing work for Ashley-Edison (UK)
  • Working with Ashley-Edison (UK)
  • Working for Ashley-Edison (UK)
  • A part of Ashley-Edison (UK)
  • Instructed by Ashley-Edison (UK)
  • Account managing for Ashley-Edison (UK)
  • A customer service (or any other) division of Ashley-Edison (UK)
  • The only (Authorised Partner or Reseller, even if true for your locality)
  • The largest/biggest/most successful Authorised Partner or Reseller
  • Email signature and sign-off

If you are unsure whether you can use the Ashley-Edison name or endorsement Logo, you should consult with us before you commence design.