CVC Series

Volt Drop Compensators
Single & Three Phase
3 to over 1000 kVA

Cable Volt Drop Problems?
Obtain huge savings on long cable runs

Installations with long cable runs have an inherent problem of developing large voltage drops across their cables. To overcome this it is necessary to select and use larger sized electrical cables in order to reduce such voltage drops to acceptable levels.

Today with ever-rising copper prices, are you spending far too much on those “over-sized” electrical cable runs?

Our range of both indoor and outdoor, cost-efficient AC Voltage Drop Compensators enable you to “compensate” for these expensive voltage drops, by boosting up voltage and keeping it constant – ensuring you are able to make SUBSTANTIAL savings on your electrical power cable costs.

To learn more about the comprehensive ranges of Constant Voltage Compensators available from Ashley-Edison (UK)  please checkout the video below:-

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