Voltage Stabiliser of Interest – How to Save The Machine

Last month in the States the Season 4 finale of Warner Brothers’ highly acclaimed TV Series Person of Interest aired on CBS.

With the fourth season being primarily centered on the war between the two A I (Artificial Intelligence) mass surveillance computer systems (The Machine & Samaritan), the finale ended with the Machine left trapped and dying as a result of unrelenting power surges and brownouts introduced into the national utility power grid by Samaritan.

While we all eagerly wait for Season 5, the big unanswered question is “Does Harold Finch (Michael Emerson), the creator of the Machine, have a trick up his sleeve to actually save the fatally wounded A I?”

Well Harold, can we suggest you leave Mr Reese (Jim Caviezel) to deal with Samaritan’s agents and give us (Ashley-Edison UK) a call about the power supply problems – we are confident we can save the Machine from the utility power grid!

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Person of Interest is proving to be a highly entertaining and thought provoking TV Series. Created by Jonathan Nolan of The Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises fame, you are never quite sure whether the premise of the show is more science fact than science fiction.

While we ‘could not possibly comment’ on the factuality of the government’s surveillance abilities, we can confirm that, the poor state of the nation’s utility power supply is a proven fact and should be of great concern to all computer systems and users.

In today’s increasingly digital world, problems with the quality of the utility supply can be a major hidden cause of costly computer problems and failures. For the average person in the street, other than a slight dimming of the lights, problems with the utility supply may not be immediately obvious. However, for many businesses and organization relying on computer systems and process to run operations efficiently the effects are far more apparent – especially if the brownouts and voltage surges are frequent and prolonged occurrences.

With so much of our computing requirements now being provided by massive centralised Data Centres, you only have to look at recent failures in the delivery of IT services at the Super Bowl, Twitter, Amazon and Google to appreciate clearly the need for ensuring protection against the utility supply and the possible dramatic financial costs of resulting unplanned downtime.

At Ashley-Edison (UK) our Voltage Stabilisers and Power Line Conditioners protect computers and other mains sensitive equipment against damaging voltage irregularities, all too common in today’s incoming utility supply lines.

So if you want to protect your ‘Machine’ against the vagaries of the utility mains supply please do contact us.

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Harold, we await your call. We definitely think you will find our Voltage Stabilisers of Interest!!!


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